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NavInfo can provide secondary development or industry customized development services of basic data, images and digital maps, as well as logistics monitoring, tracking, and positioning services that can meet the needs for the development of GIS projects for government and enterprises.

  • Sales of maps and remote sensing image data
    Based on the comprehensive geographic information data including digital maps and satellite remote sensing images, NavInfo provides services for government and enterprise GIS projects. Relying on its extensive resources integration capacity, NavInfo can provide customers in various industries with high-resolution remote sensing satellite images, vector electronic map data, navigation electronic map data, digital altitude data, document data, and many other types of basic geographic information data. The combination with the business characteristics of different industries and spatial network topology, it helps to establish a comprehensive 2D or 3D vector spatial map database, build customized GIS systems, provide geographic spatial reference and decision making support to government administration, electric power, oil, water, construction, passenger transport, logistics and other government and industry applications, in order for the government and enterprises to achieve a modernized, information-based, and intensive mode of management and operation, and to meet the development, production and construction needs in the modern society.
    Full range of data types
    NavInfo can quickly provide basic navigation vector data that cover nationwide road network, POIs and administrative divisions. SIWEI Worldview, jointly invested by NavInfo, the world's largest provider of satellite images – Digital Globe (hereinafter referred to as DG) and China Siwei Surveying and Mapping Group Co., Ltd., is the only general agent in China for DG QuickBird / WorldView high-resolution satellite image data. NavInfo also has the right for domestic cooperative development and services application of high-resolution satellite image data, which can timely response to the users’ needs for satellite remote sensing image data with high timeliness requirements. And in the meantime it provides the users with customized vector electronic maps used in corresponding industries based on the attributions of image data and up-to-date navigation data.
    - Wide coverage: the data cover the places where various provincial, municipal, and autonomous region governments locate, and the major built-up areas of the prefecture-level cities and county-level cities.
    - Highly up-to-date: Both the image data and the vector electronic maps can provide users with the latest data products with timeliness less than one year old.
    - Short lead times: High efficiency processes from the link of image production to vector processing guarantee the ability to rapidly provide users with various required categories of geographic data products in a designated region.
    - Strong capability for continuous update
    Relying on its strong navigation database support and reliable high-precision sub-meter-class satellite imagery data sources, NavInfo can provide users with long-term, continuous incremental update programs, to ensure the users have "fresh", "accurate", and "rapid" data products.
  • 3D secondary development or industry customized development based on images and digital maps
    The application market of the GIS industry is widely distributed, mainly in the fields of government, power, land, water, and other infrastructures. In 2012, NavInfo made sound progress in the electric power sector, pushing the market share of applications in the electric power industry to more than 30%.
    Through its thorough understanding of the basic geographic data of the GIS platforms for electrical enterprises, NavInfo has gained extensive resources integration capability in the electric power sector. By virtue of years of sedimentation of geographic information systems experience, NavInfo has proposed the based geographic data solutions for the GIS platform of the electric power industry, and is participating in the construction of basic geographic data services projects for the Electric Power Companies of six provinces in China. In consideration of the many natural spatial network topological features of electricity production, planning, management, and operation, NavInfo has built basic 2D and 3D vector spatial map databases to support the construction of GIS technology based common application platform for the electrical power industry, realize a modernized, information-based, and intensive mode of power grid management, and meet the production, construction and development needs of the modernized power grid. The GIS platform for electric power industry is positioned as the enterprise-level spatial information services platform constructed within the integrated engineering platform for power enterprises, and its main functions are to realize the structured management and visualized display of the power grid resources, adopt a service-oriented architecture and a loosely coupled manner to realize the integration with a wide variety of business applications, and provide the power industry with all kinds of power grid spatial information services. The work scope for construction of the platform includes: platform research and development, implementation preparations (including maps collection, data acquisition of grid resources, etc.), platform deployment, application integration, user training, data maintenance, and system commissioning.
  • Monitoring and location-based services
    NavInfo has obtained the profession ability and rich experience in providing GPS vehicle and vessel monitoring services by the acquisition of China Satellite Navigation and Communications Co. Ltd (ChinaNavi). NavInfo can provide GPS vehicle monitoring services, Beidou data transmission services, out-shore vessels monitoring services, and a variety of solutions tailored to customers in different industries.
    - GPS vehicle monitoring services: After years of market development, NavInfo has accumulated rich experience in the field of GPS vehicle monitoring, and tailored a variety of solutions to customers in different industries, including solutions for rental passenger transport, road passenger transport, city bus passenger transport, hazardous chemicals transport, medium- and long-distance trucking, city distribution, special-purpose vehicles, etc.
    - Beidou data transmission services: Utilizing the two-way communication and wide-area coverage advantages of the Beidou satellites, NavInfo provides Beidou data transmission solutions to make available the satellite data transmission services to users in areas not covered by the terrestrial mobile communications network. Currently, the Beidou solutions have been broadly applied to water conservancy and hydrological forecasting, coal mine safety monitoring, automatic weather monitoring, fairway buoy monitoring, and various other fields.
    - Out-shore vessels monitoring services: NavInfo’s maritime monitoring system integrates the superior resources of Beidou satellite and GPS satellite positioning systems, and is established on the basis of mature GIS software and hardware platforms. By equipping the vessel with the corresponding satellite communications terminal (with GPS positioning module), and configuring the monitoring center, it has realized real-time position monitoring, short text communications, command and dispatch, security management information broadcast, and other functions on the vessel.
    - Logistics and field staff monitoring services: These services help the enterprise to timely find out the positions of vehicles, cargos, and personnel, and improve the management level and overall efficiency. NavInfo works together with China Mobile to provide judicial correction and sales butler (“GRIRMS”) services.