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Mobileye and NavInfo to Bring REM Localization to China 2018/1/10
After having driven the test vehicle, we visited the principal of NavInfo's automated driving team to learn more about the technical details. 2018/1/4
NavInfo took part in the large set of innovation of Beijing automobile industry and the automated driving became a focus again. 2017/12/21
NavInfo-the sole company in the industry who has obtained the Certification of Automotive SPICE Maturity Level 3 2017/12/7
8th Open Auto Drive Forum on November 13, 2017 2017/11/23
NavInfo 2017 User's Meeting-show a panoramic business layout, manage the future with the autonomous driving 2017/11/23
China Academy of Surveying and Mapping and NavInfo jointly developed a automated driving map 2017/11/9
HoloMatic signed strategic cooperation agreement with NavInfo to develop unmanned driving technology 2017/10/26
CEO Patrick of Navinfo: serving as an invisible tycoon behind navigation-telematics-automatic drive 2017/10/12
"NavInfo" Cup Mapping Skill Contest final is coming soon 2017/9/21
The revenue of half of the year of Navinfo was RMB 834 million, of which, the chip business contributed nearly 20% 2017/9/7
Navinfo was awarded Benz Excellent Supplier "Innovation Leading Award" 2017/8/10
Cheng Peng: NavInfo strives to become the brain of intelligent driving cars in the future. 2017/7/13
As another "ecological" player, will the MineData platform launched by Navinfo "take your breath away"? 2017/6/29
Navinfo MineData position big data platform launch 2017/6/13
Joint venture company between Navinfo and HERE has practiced and will pay high attention to automatic driving 2017/6/1
NavInfo provides Telematics product for Great Wall “WEY” brand 2017/5/17
NavInfo refines business structure and achieves rapid growth of automatic drive 2017/5/4
NavInfo and Bosch collaborate to make sustaining efforts in automatic drive. 2017/4/20
Secure funds - The transaction of Navinfo acquiring Auto Chips Inc. has completed 2017/4/6

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