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"Warmth Delivery in Snowy Day" by NavInfo

 On the afternoon of November 23, 2018, Zhang Yankun, Standing Committee Member of Beijing Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of Politics and Law Committee, together with officials of relevant government agencies, visited NavInfo and made a special visit and investigation to the enterprise. As the only high-tech company in the A-share market with a layout of whole industry chain for autonomous driving, the company representative firstly introduced to Secretary Zhang the core technology and strategic layout of the test car for autonomous driving self-developed by NavInfo.

If the test of 5,000 km autonomous driving on the Beijing-Kunming expressway just ended afforded to testify our technical strength, and then the display of a series of consideration and repeated tests made by us for safe driving to the government would also suffice to show that we look forward to promoting a more efficient development of society. On the spot, Secretary Zhang expressed great interest and hoped that we would take technology as the basis and make contributions to promoting social development.

NavInfo has been actively cooperating with all ministries and departments of the state and relevant units in Beijing, strongly supporting and participating in the research on various policies and regulations for autonomous driving in the geographic information industry, assorting with the implementation of relevant policies and regulations landing, and directly taking part in the drafting and formulation of relevant standards.

Our technology along with the progressive strategic layout by the company has already stretched into all walks of life. The following Traffic Information Big Data Platform shown before Secretary Zhang and other leaders is a service-oriented product jointly launched by NavInfo with the governments and public security of many provinces and cities, by which the company uses professional technology and big data analysis capabilities to help the traffic police grasp real-time road condition information at the first time, and help them better carry out dispatching and emergency work.

In the next moment, Group Chairman Wu Jingfeng introduced the whole course, equity structure and strategic layout of NavInfo while expressing the standpoint that for sixteen years, NavInfo has been unswervingly maintaining the main map business, and continuously cooperating with partners in the industry with an open attitude to jointly optimize the industrial chain structure.

Secretary Zhang Yankun raised that NavInfo is a main high-tech industrial unit supported by the National Development and Reform Commission. On the one hand, enterprises should first have their own core business capabilities and market competitiveness. Only when they are strong, can they attract more high-tech talents. For the moment, Beijing has also successively issued the Recruitment Program of Global Experts and other talent attraction policies, which has also played a role of multi-dimensional support in the introduction of enterprise talents. On the other hand, with the development of advanced technology such as block chain, it is believed that the protection of legal environment will also play an indispensable and positive role in the protection of intellectual property rights of enterprises!

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