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Power "New" Starting Point of Ford

 "Unveil the mysteries of automobile technology and explore the emerging area of mobility"

Under the call of this slogan full of expectation,
during November 12-14,
Intelligent Manufacturing Future·2018 Ford Tech Festival
started in the Ford Motor Research and Engineering (Nanjing) Center.
This Tech Festival would show for the first time a number of advanced technologies that Ford has not yet listed publicly.
As an important partner of Ford,
NavInfo was invited,
together with many counterparts who are committed to mobility,
to display future mobility technology,
and speak glowingly of the trend and technology prospect of the automobile industry.
Maybe many people still regard NavInfo as a digital map provider,
but our layout and transformation have been finished already.
At the just finished NavInfo User"s Conference,
our transformation of "Thinking of Smart Mobility"
has impressed our customers and partners deeply.
And during this Ford Science and Technology Week,
at the same time of our participation,
Group SVP Jing Muhan delivered a masterly speech.
In the first scene of the forum speech"s first day,
President Jing started from the strategy of NavInfo,
and then to the product and ecological construction,
he described the current achievements and expectations of NavInfo.
The site was packed with people, who responded well to the effect of speech.
On the other side,
NavInfo displayed own product for new energy automobiles as requested.
As controlling the future trend of the automobile industry,
we have early laid out the field of new energy automobiles.
Whether it is the product-end "NI Changer" or the rear-end monitoring platform,
at present, we have been maintaining deep cooperation with several large automobile plants.
Another major trend of automobiles is autonomous driving.
We also displayed products related to autonomous driving.
From HD map applied to high-level autonomous driving, VI, to automatic parking and other products,
although our autonomous driving products were not fully displayed,
we could still make out the recognition of our customers and industry partners at the scene.
NavInfo and Ford,have conducted in-depth exchanges in the field of electric vehicle products and autonomous driving,
which will surely yield positive results in the near future.
Although a period of 3 days was not long, we cherished all the time here.
From the perspective of NavInfo,
we hope to narrow the distance between us and our customers through such an opportunity,
and we can also further communicate with customers at the same time of better understanding of customers to us, to get more opportunities and create more value.
On the other side, we also cherish the opportunity to exchange with our business friends, to make the best of the both worlds, to promote the faster development of the industry!
A new starting point of NavInfo is the transformation of "Thinking of Smart Mobility".
We also hope our products and technology ,will enhance Ford"s user experience in the cooperation field.


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