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2018 NavInfo User's Conference: Technological Innovations Empower the Future Industry of Intelligent Automobiles

 2018 NavInfo User"s Conference themed by "Innovations · Further Achievements" was held in Shenzhen on October 30. NavInfo shared the latest product technology achievements at the conference and set up an open platform for cooperation, to share technological innovations and future development of the industry with customers and partners.

Globally-branded automobile manufacturers, Internet enterprises, governments and industry representatives, as well as media, investors, analysts, etc., amounting to nearly one thousand people, together with the management team and product technology team of NavInfo, entered into a deep communication on topics like future mobility and intelligent driving at the conference, and experienced the progress made by NavInfo in the fields of digital map, autonomous driving, connected car, location big data and car-mounted chip.

CEO Cheng Peng of NavInfo delivered an opening speech themed by "Technological Innovations for Better Mobility", and shared the group strategy as well as forward-looking layout and achievements of business. He said, the mobility industry is confronted with an unprecedented revolution. Only unceasing innovative development and intelligent confluence can help enterprises stand out from the revolution of intelligent automobiles.
Formally established AutoAI welcomes a new intelligently connected era

At the conference, Beijing AutoAI subordinated to NavInfo released officially. AutoAI will focus on the solutions to the connected car of passenger auto, and has introduced Tencent Fund, NIO CAPITAL and Advantech Capital as Group-A strategic investors.

Jing Muhan, NavInfo SVP & AutoAI CEO, said, "A new generation of an intelligently connected era will certainly welcome an explosive demand for data and services of connected car, thus, we wish that our more competitive and attractive products and services can empower the enterprise and create a better business environment for connected car.

In the past years of continuous deep exploration in connected car, NavInfo has worked out combined and entire solutions for connected car in the fields of operating system, navigation software, phone connected car, connected car platform and big data. And WeLink, a product for connected car of passenger auto, has achieved a front loading order over 15,000,000. Nowadays, originated from NavInfo, AutoAI takes a new way to provide users with "joint discussion", "joint development" and "sharing" integrated solutions to connected car based on the vision of "making automobile intellectualization become simpler".

Managing partner Zhang Junyi of NIO CAPITAL stated briefly in the speech themed by "Future Development of the Intelligent Connected Automobile Industry", connected car will be the supporting infrastructure of unmanned vehicle and intelligent automobile, and intelligent automobile will serve not only as the traffic tool, but also a carrier of a series of future mobility service demand such as entertainment information, driving assistance.

Innovation drives development and concentration wins trust In the high-profile autonomous driving field, NavInfo SVP and CTO Dr. Dai Donghai gave a comprehensive introduction to technical schemes and business ecosystem layout, and displayed the latest road test results of autonomous driving (Beijing-Kunming expressway, 5,262km, L3).

In terms of autonomous driving maps, data have covered 210,000km wide-area highway and urban highway in China, and will cover nationwide highway road network in the coming year. Besides, map data and service of autonomous driving of commercial roads will be released in 2020. In terms of services, HDMS Cloud Platform has been built to achieve a closed cycle from distribution, data sharing, backhaul to update of autonomous driving maps.
Dr. Dai Donghai introduced NavInfo"s high precision location technology in autonomous driving and autonomous driving-based brand new functional products such as Automated Valet Parking, which arouse wide concern and enthusiastic response from the guests.

NavInfo pays equal attention to traditional core business - digital map, and keeps on injecting new vitality to products. Besides 1,400,000km ADAS map data, NavInfo also released ADAS Map 2.0 for better navigation experience and more trustworthy ADAS and autonomous driving solutions, and based on new-generation high precision ADAS map data, empowered OEM manufacturers, system manufacturers and whole industries to create a much safer and more efficient driving environment.

Moreover, connected car LTE-V2X network, smart tourist attraction/park, special logistics and new energy automobile intelligent mobility solutions have shown NavInfo"s continuous progress in digital map products and applications, as well as NavInfo"s judgement on industry development trend.

At the scene, Markus Bartenschlager of DCS, founder & CEO Dr. Ni Kai of HoloMatic, founder Intakhab Khan of AAI, and co-founder Yubin Kuang of Mapillary respectively interpreted the most cutting-edge future trend of mobility based on the latest technology and research results of their respective fields.

NavInfo always follow the concept of "providing customers with more valuable products and services". In the future, driven by innovation, NavInfo will continue to strengthen technical innovation and development, and work together with customers to succeed and achieve tomorrow splendor.

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