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NavInfo established the strategic cooperation relation with AutoBrain to promote commercialization of autonomous driving

 Recently, NavInfo Co., Ltd. (14.39-1.24%, diagnosed share) ("NavInfo" for short) signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Beijing AutoBrain Technology Co., Ltd. ("AutoBrain" for short). Both parties to the agreement will deem each other as the long-term strategic cooperative customer and cooperative partner, and jointly develop automobile autonomous driving products, travel services, map-related products and derivative services of significant social and commercial value and being innovative and leading in China and abroad.

AutoBrain has long been committed to the R & D of a safe, reliable and comfortable mass intelligent driving system. Jointly established by the leading team winning the champion of China"s top intelligent driving challenge for six times and the senior team of the Silicon Valley autonomous driving industry in the United States, AutoBrain has formed a series of intelligent, reliable and low-cost commercial solutions to structured roads such as highways, expressways and urban roads, as well as closed parks, mining areas and other special application scenarios through 18 years" technology accumulation. With the "AutoBrain" as its core product, AutoBrain has provided such solutions as aided driving (L2), autonomous driving (L3) and unmanned driving (L4/5), enabling unmanned bicycle and unmanned fleet driving. Thanks to the technological superiorities in the field of intelligent driving and connected car as well as the continuous concern to industrialization implementation during the R & D process, AutoBrain is currently way leading the zero-accident measured mileage accumulation of unmanned driving, and its front loading solution has also entered the stage of deep cooperation with many main machine manufacturers.

After over a decade"s development, NavInfo has become a leader in digital maps, navigation software, dynamic traffic information, passenger auto and commercial connected car solutions, and location big data services. With autonomous driving becoming the focus of competition in the automobile field, in 2017, NavInfo proposed the strategic vision of "Intelligent Automobile Brain", which takes autonomous driving as a very important transformation direction. According to NavInfo"s business planning for autonomous driving and based on its own advantages, HAD Map and high precision location will be used as an entry point to expand into the field of car navigation"s specification level chips that can be applied to ADAS and autonomous driving, to create a "software-hardware" solution integrating various resources, and to build a new pattern of industrial ecology together with navigation, connected car, chip, location big data and other businesses. According to NavInfo"s 2018 semiyearly report, the revenue of advanced aided driving and autonomous driving businesses increased by 96.10% compared with the same period of last year, and continued to maintain rapid development.

According to the agreement, NavInfo and AutoBrain will carry out in-depth strategic cooperation relying on their respective characteristics and advantages, namely, the technology accumulation and core competence of NavInfo in HAD Map, and AutoBrain"s multi-year"s mature solutions in the field of autonomous driving, to jointly develop low-cost and multi-scenario mass production solutions to provide users with innovative autonomous driving services and map-related products and derivative services to promote the commercialization of autonomous driving products.

A wave of entrepreneurship in the field of autonomous driving emerged globally in recent two years. As for NavInfo, already taking "Intelligent Automobile Brain" as its strategic vision, this will be an important opportunity for it to actively lay out autonomous driving and advance commercialization process of autonomous driving, whether adopting investment or strategic cooperation.

The reason why NavInfo carried out such in-depth cooperation with AutoBrain this time lies in that the latter owns mature L3/4 technology and multi-scenario and multi-directional practical mass production solutions since its multi-year"s efforts in autonomous driving, which will be beneficial to efficiently boosting both party"s commercialization of autonomous driving. While NavInfo focuses on the development of autonomous driving solution based on the integration of HAD Map, high precision location and perception level, thus its cooperation with AutoBrain will undoubtedly further perfect and optimize relevant HAD Map products, making them important infrastructures of autonomous driving.

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