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YKCCN.COM reached a strategic cooperation with NavInfo to jointly explore "new energy + Internet".

 Recently, YKCCN.COM signed a formal strategic cooperation agreement with NavInfo to achieve a strategic partnership. The two parties will carry out deep cooperation in the service sector of new "integration of three networks" including new energy automobile charging network, Internet of Vehicles and Internet for cooperative depth exploration of big data of Internet of Vehicles and other business models depending on the charging network and mass digital map information, to realize resources integration by making full use of their superior resources.

NavInfo Co., Ltd. is a leading provider of digital map contents, autonomous driving, connected car and dynamic traffic information services as well as location-based vertical application services of big data in China, which commits itself to providing professional and high quality geo-information products and services for global customers all the time. As the fourth largest digital map provider in the world and the first largest in China, NavInfo provides full services for world-leading customers in the fields of automobile, consumer electronics, Internet and mobile Internet, and is well received by customers with excellent quality. In addition, NavInfo has also put forward high-quality requirement to itself for exploration of "new energy + Internet".

The achievement of the strategic relationship between YKCCN.COM and NavInfo is of great importance for exploring big data of Internet of Vehicles by the two parties. As an independent third party charging service platform, YKCCN.COM, by a way of direct connection to charging piles, has access to the premium charging pile operators in all regions of the country, committing to assisting operators to achieve operation quality improvement and scale expansion by overcoming weaknesses of all links, and providing high quality charging services for automobiles.

The S2B2C platform model enables YKCCN.COM to gradually build a charging network featured by more rapid reflection, more accurate data and continuously expanding coverage, meanwhile, the charging network exactly corresponds to the expanding demand of NavInfo, which serves the first-tier main machine plants, in the new energy field.

After achieving the cooperation, YKCCN.COM and NavInfo will get the utmost out of their superior resources to cooperate in product development and business innovation, to provide more comprehensive, more convenient and faster services for users of the two parties.

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