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Oracle Cloud at Customer supported NavInfo to develop "Intelligent Automobile Brain"

 Following the speeding-up pace of life and changing surroundings, the pressure of urban roads and public traffic infrastructure is increased accordingly. Based on the condition, intelligent traffic comes out and becomes an inevitable direction of future urban development. As a travel solution combining data, information and needs, intelligent traffic can effectively alleviate urban congestion and improve urban residents" travel quality, and thus becomes a new market contested intensely by technology manufacturers. Among these manufacturers, NavInfo becomes an industry leader relying on its profound advantages in reserve and technology of position big data.

Founded in 2002, NavInfo, with its headquarter in Beijing, China, has become a leader in the fields of navigation map, navigation software, dynamic traffic information, passenger auto and commercial auto customization connected car solutions upon over ten years" innovative development. Nowadays, NavInfo has created a comprehensive technical development strategy to welcome the automated driving age, and create "Intelligent Automobile Brain" based on high precision maps, high precision locating and car navigation"s specification level semiconductors applied to ADAS and automated driving, to become the most trusted domestic and even global provider of automated driving solutions.

In the current intelligent Cloud era, another pilot of technical innovation- Oracle has perfectly integrated artificial intelligence, machine learning, block chain, big data and Cloud computing with business situations, to create a "Red Technology" to empower enterprises to achieve digital transformation, and invigorate the innovative intelligent traffic solutions of NavInfo.

Set up a platform to cope with challenges from mass data

Upon over ten years" development and accumulation, NavInfo has released a position big data Cloud service platform- MineData for the entire industry after the opening up of information channel of mass position data. MineData integrates nationwide map navigation data, road condition data, road in-situ data, road depth information, combined with front loading navigation data, vehicle-mounted intelligent hardware and App data from cooperative partners, to provide convergence, analysis and visualization services of position big data including MineCatalog, Minemap and MineLab based on SaaS. In terms of data volume, the collected position big data of MineData from intra-group of NavInfo and third party has reached a volume of nearly 4PB of formatted data, which is increased by nearly 4TB on average every day. Oracle Cloud at Customer is a foundation of building the Cloud service platform of MineData position big data.

First, supported by Oracle database, NavInfo can get the effective value from mass data in a short period. Based on effective data and value, NavInfo can also provide relevant solutions of the position data for upstream and downstream users of the industry, to gradually build a prosperous data ecosystem.

Second, as a localization solution of Public Cloud, Oracle Cloud at Customer is innovative in the mode of "Managed Private Cloud", and assist NavInfo to truly achieve "taking Public Cloud home" through seamless integration with Oracle Cloud. Specifically, Oracle Cloud at Customer has 4 "hearted" features, to make NavInfo and other Customers fully experience the convenience brought by Oracle Cloud service:

Quick access to Cloud, comfortable: The enterprise can easily and quickly transfer the existing internal deployment load to the Cloud, avoid installing expensive and time-consuming applications and architecture changes, and provide the most comfortable installation link to make the enterprise easy to use the Cloud, and instantly enjoy the advantages of Public Cloud.

Steady and controlled Cloud, relieved: Local deployment and controlled security. Deploy a data center in your enterprise to control your data by yourself, to meet the needs of enterprise data sovereignty, data retention, data compliance and other business.

Asset-light, worry-saving: The asset-light operation mode customized based on demands and high-standard operation & maintenance process are combined to create the most worry-saving operation experience and maximize the use ratio of the Public Cloud, to speed up the access to the Cloud and make operation & maintenance management freely controlled.Integration, intimate: As the sole manufacturer with the ability to provide privatization of Public Cloud in the industry, Oracle is able to supply a uniquely complete and integrated set of intimate services of IaaS + PaaS, high-performance configuration directly connecting key business, to inspire more business potentials.

The localization solutions of the Oracle Public Cloud featured as "comfortable", "relieved", "worry-saving" and "intimate" have offered standardized and automated enterprise application platform to NavInfo, and supported and boosted the new business of NavInfo through the simplification of the enterprise IT operation & maintenance management process with the aid of efficient management and Cloud operation & maintenance services at the same time of the construction of business ecosystem of NavInfo.

Accelerate to achieve intelligent "Super Brain"

In addition to building application platform, in terms of strengthening the building of "Intelligent Automobile Brain" of NavInfo, Oracle database and Oracle Cloud at Customer have provided critical joint support for the Cloud service platform of MineData position big data:

Support the visualization platform MineMap, help NavInfo to provide its users with WYSIWYG map customization services , to create exclusive maps for users.

Support MineLab mode, help NavInfo to reduce the costs of analysis and mining of position big data, to support and respond to big data projects quickly.

 Support location Cloud services of MineData Cloud platform, help NavInfo to access and handle the data from maps, automobile plants and the third party, to endow visualization and analysis abilities of platform data.

In the future, Oracle Cloud at Customer will continue to power NavInfo to create more relevant vertical industries, to carry forward the development strategy of creating "Intelligent Automobile Brain" of NavInfo in all-round.

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