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NavInfo took part in the large set of innovation of Beijing automobile industry and the automated driving became a focus again.

 On December 15, the first Large Set of Innovation of Beijing Automobile Industry themed as "Across the Innovation Canyon, Cross over the Darwin Sea" was started in the BAIC Motor R & D base located in the Shunyi District. Focused on the innovation field and frontier technology of the automobile industry, this activity has built a platform for the entrepreneur teams and complete vehicle enterprises to better communicate and display, leading the car development trend of "intellectualization, electrification, networking, light weight and sharing".

NavInfo, keeping in-depth cooperation with the BAIC Group, attended this Innovation Rally, displaying its industrial chain layout to the entrepreneurs of the car industry under the strategic background of comprehensive transformation into automated driving. In the meantime, that was a chance for NavInfo who focuses on the investment of connected car and automated driving fields to communicate and exchange with the entrepreneurs of the car industry, which enables entrepreneurs to learn more about the technical field and resource support of NavInfo in the frontier domains of intelligent cars.

In the speech link of "NavInfo in the Era of Automated Driving", the CEO Cheng Peng of NavInfo made a detailed introduction to NavInfo"s view on the development of automated driving and related technical reserve to achieve automated driving. Cheng Peng expressed, the industry has recognized automated driving"s situation as the development tendency of automotive technology, and main automobile manufacturers and science-and-technology enterprises have formulated corresponding automated driving roadmaps. It is expected that the advanced automated driving will be achieved around 2020.

In addition to put forward the strategic vision of "creating intelligent automobile brain", NavInfo has also set a goal--by 2022, it has achieved the strategic layout composed of navigation, connected car, automated driving, chips and position big data. Cheng Peng said, this is a helical business structure: starting from early navigation business, and then gradually developing towards connected cars, automated driving, car-mounted chips and even location big data platform. This layout is logically by the core competence of "high-accuracy map +software + algorithm +computer (chips)".

NavInfo has a clear understanding of the five major business segments. The navigation business is still the core foundation and has the strongest innovation ability of NavInfo. The development of the connected car is increasingly mature. In the process, big data such as dynamic traffic was integrated, sharing platform was built and car-mounted voice technology was promoted. Currently, the connected car business is expanding towards the passenger auto and commercial auto fields. The automated driving business set "A map for the machine" afoot. The high-accuracy maps have stepped into the preparatory phase of volume production this year, which can meet the requirement of automated driving to data and service and realize the real-time update and release. Meanwhile, NavInfo has also developed the high-accuracy positioning service based on RTK, supporting automated driving through various high-accuracy location solutions; developed the special VPU and computing platform for automated driving based on deep learning. When starting the chip business, NavInfo hoped to provide solutions which are relatively complete and easy to integrate for the automobile manufacturers to reduce the users" time cost. The combination of "NI-HAD Map + Software + Algorithm + Chips" has been formed with the join of the chip business, which has greatly improved NavInfo"s judging ability for user behaviors and environmental perception ability, achieving automated driving"s implementation. More critically, NavInfo will gradually step into the tire pressure sensor, MCU and other fields involving the body control and have a breakthrough of key components. This is also a wish of NavInfo: Be the "Huawei" in the car-mounted chips field.

In the era of automated driving, NavInfo is facing a brand new stage, accompanied by a great challenge. However, the unwavering courage and determination is necessary for guiding NavInfo to achieve significant strategic transformation. At the same time, NavInfo also adhering to a more open attitude, hoping to open up data capabilities and computing capabilities to entrepreneurs, create more attractive products, improve people"s travel mode and welcome the coming of the era of automated driving.

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