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NavInfo 2017 User's Meeting-show a panoramic business layout, manage the future with the autonomous driving

 The 2017 NavInfo User"s Meeting was held in the Pangu 7 Star Hotel Beijing on November 16. This User"s Meeting is themed as "New · Achieving the great goal", which means that through the brand new business layout, NavInfo achieves the strategic vision of "create intelligent automobile brain" when facing the opportunities brought by the autonomous driving.

The meeting displayed the current business layout of NavInfo in the way of panorama, from navigation map, connected cars to autonomous driving, chips and then to location big data, showing NavInfo"s thinking and technology accumulation of intelligent travel to partners and users, as well as the strength and charm of a provider devoted to providing solutions of intelligent automobiles.

The CEO Cheng Peng of NavInfo gave a speech named as The Road of New Strategic Transformation of NavInfo, in which the newest strategic layout was deeply analyzed and demonstrated. NavInfo has carried out big data cooperation with internet giants like DiDi, has wholly owned the AutoChips and entered into the sector of automobile chips, has reached strategic cooperation with new energy automobile and autonomous driving start-ups such as NIO and HoloMatic, and has jointly founded the co-partnership company with HERE and executed internationalization strategy... Now, NavInfo becomes more open and confident and has formed a new layout of "chips+algorithm+data+software" during the strategic transformation of autonomous driving. This will lead NavInfo to establish its own brand and product advantages that are expected to be directly integrated into the global autonomous driving ecosystem.

The vice president Chen Dan responsible for the navigation map business of NavInfo has said that, currently, NavInfo"s starting point of this basic business is to enhance dynamic service capability of map data and processing capability of cloud big data, and the independently researched FastMap enterprise-level online production platform can complete the acquisition, processing, testing and publication of map data within 24h. Based on this, the technological process of production is improved by integrating image recognition, voice recognition, big data mining and automatic collection of collecting results. Meanwhile, the MapSpotter platform has an access to the huge amounts of UGC data from partners such as Tencent, DiDi and Sogou, to establish the fast reaction process and mechanism. The License Agreement of the Navigation Electronic Map signed and concluded by and between NavInfo and BMW (China) Automotive Trading Ltd. is surely the affirmation and recognition to that business.

The SVP Jing Muhan responsible for the connected car business of NavInfo has said in the speech that, in the connected car business level of passenger auto, NavInfo has fully implemented the integration strategy of the upstream and downstream of the industry chain and software and hardware, simultaneously made a vertical deep plowing of the industry chain, which focuses on propelling the development and commercial use of the intelligent vehicle-mounted operating system, interconnection scheme of phones and car machine, identification scheme of in-car voice/semantics, cloud service platform, intelligent hardware, vehicle-mounted chips and other products of connected car series.

Jing Muhan has expressed that, the connected car business of passenger auto of NavInfo will face the next generation autonomous driving scene, strengthen the integration of industrial resources and joint development efforts, to form strong cloud data processing and service capabilities for providing the most complete overall solution of connected cars with the completely independent intellectual property rights. In the connected car business level of commercial cars, NavInfo still focuses on the integration of internal advantageous resources, the increase of development efforts on segment market with industry characteristics, the expansion of channels of commercial front loading, to explore a new type of connected car business model based on big data facing with the automobile market service. At present, directing at truck market, NavInfo has full service abilities to provide terminal equipment of the intelligent connected car of front and after loading, internet APP and technical services, connected car data platform and online services.

The SVP Dai Donghai of NavInfo, as the principal of hot business-autonomous driving, has expressed that, the business is currently at the stages of industrial layout and R & D input, and NavInfo will boost the development of autonomous driving business from two aspects. First, by the means of strategic collaboration, capital operation, joint development, etc., to impel the commercial progress of relevant products of autonomous driving, such as ADAS map, high precision map, navigation engine and ADAS chips, to promote the comprehensive strength and competitive advantage in the fields of solutions of semi-autonomous driving and autonomous driving. Second, to increase the efforts of R & D and input in ADAS map, intelligent collection of HAD high precision map and automatic production, face with application requirements in the autonomous driving field with higher standards, constantly strengthen R & D and validation of image recognition, point cloud recognition, sensor recognition, multi-source fusion, high precision locating, deep learning, autonomous driving engine, offline/online computation and other underlying core technologies, and constantly promote various technical indices based on requirements of car rules. In addition, this User"s Meeting also set a link special for experiencing autonomous driving, to make you have a direct feeling of the solution of autonomous driving of NavInfo.

As for the new chip business of NavInfo, the vice president Wang Wenxin has expressed in the speech that, for the market part, we will constantly expand the front loading market shares at the same time of stabilizing the after loading market based on the already formed business performance and competitive advantage of IVI product and years of accumulation of the cooperative relationship and industrial advantages of NavInfo and front loading car factory. For the product part, when facing with the chips APP fields of active safety, intelligent connected and autonomous driving, NavInfo strives to strengthen the development of new products and docks with the existing superior resources like high precision maps, big data mining, deep learning and other core competence, to enhance integrated service capabilities in the field of intelligent automobiles.

In the display area of this User"s Meeting, you can see entertainment chips solution of vehicle-mounted navigation information, chips solution of connected cars, chips solution of the aided driving, microcontroller of car body, power device and other chips products.

The chief architect Shi Qinghua of NavInfo made a comprehensive introduction to location big data business. In June of this year, NavInfo released officially an innovative application product named as MineData of location big data, carried out a full integration of data of group company, all subsidiaries, all products and partners, made full use of own advantages of data, algorithm and technology to launch the Location Information SaaS Platform, which was awarded the ITS Asia 2017 "Innovative Product Award". As a one-stop location big data service platform combining of "data + visualization+analysis and judgment", MineData can provide all industries with deeply customized all-round solutions. At present, MineData is actually applied in the "Xi"an Traffic Police Internet + Road Condition Big Data Platform" of Xi"an Traffic Police Internet Service Center, to provide various innovative sevices of data map products, traffic information issue, dynamic traffic information, data applications and web sites, WeChat APP platform, etc. to Xi"an"s traffic polices, to meet needs of the traffic management department"s reasonable command and dispatch, instruction to the travel of people, and persuasion of city traffic. In the display area, application products of location big data, including Road Condition Traffic Eye, High Precision Real-time Road Condition Information, Traffic Big Data Platform, etc. were all displayed, which reflected the technical strength of NavInfo in the big data field.

In this User"s Meeting, NavInfo not only displayed the business layout, but also invited the CEO Edzard Overbeek of HERE, vice president Zhuang Li of NIO, senior manager Bernhard Morys of Daimler to separately give a speech about a new era of location data, opportunity and challenge brought by connected automobile and the necessity of geographic information for autonomous driving safety. In the link of roundtable forum, the SVP Dai Donghai of NavInfo, co-founder & CTO Jiang Yan of Uisee, assistant dean Rong Hui of New Technology Research Institute of Baic Group, founder & CEO Ni Kai of HoloMatic, head Yang Diange of Tsinghua University DAE, founder Intakhab Khan of AAI and dean Zhang Kai of Research Institute of Vehicle Safety Engineering of Great Wall Motor discussed the bottlenecks and solutions of the autonomous driving at this stage. From their respective fields and research directions, they put forward some forward-looking suggestions.

Innovation is continuing, the future is not far away. NavInfo has sounded a comprehensive strategic transformation to the autonomous driving. In this piece of blue ocean, NavInfo sets sail and ride the wind and waves, to achieve the strategic vision of "building intelligent automobile brain".

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