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HoloMatic signed strategic cooperation agreement with NavInfo to develop unmanned driving technology

 HoloMatic formally signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with NavInfo in Beijing NavInfo Building on October 20. In the future, the two sides will cooperate to develop innovative automatic drive services at home and abroad and map related products and derivative services.

Before, HoloMatic declared to has completed USD 10 billion-level angel round financing. The investment is led by IDG capital and NavInfo. As the new face in automatic drive field. HoloMatic mainly attacks Level3.5-level automatic drive technology scheme, and rapidly gains investment of enterprises such as Navinfo, etc. and investment organizations within less than 2 months since establishment, which shows numerous confidence and expectation in the industry towards HoloMatic. Cheng Peng, CEO of NavInfo, indicates that HoloMatic is the only automatic driving technology company invested by NavInfo so far. We have confident of HoloMatic and Prof. Ni Kai. Development of automatic driving needs fearless sprit of innovation and also needs to make technological breakthroughs step by step. HoloMatic marches to the market from resolution of Level3.5-level automatic driving, aims at technical route of mass production, stresses on resolution of higher level and data computing, that is a good idea we believe. In future, HoloMatic and we will complement, amplify our advantages and be the pioneers in the industrial development hand in hand. Ni Kai, the founder of HoloMatic, said on the signing ceremony that HoloMatic is oriented to developing automatic driving resolution approximate to Level4, then reducing dimensionality to make it to be used in Level3 and suitable for mass production when possessing higher safety requirements. In special approach and political environment of China, high-precision map plays a vital role. We hope to cooperate with NavInfo to accelerate technical implementation and form a real technical barrier with data advantage. The enterprise culture of HoloMatic is that thousands of miles can be achieved by accumulating inches, which means that it is expected to realize the long-term goal through accumulation of inches. It, in fact, embodies the pivotal position of high-precision data in the whole strategy. The core group members of HoloMatic are the earliest group of professional technical elites devoted to automatic driving field in home, and they are featured with the most advanced research and development capacity and industrial experience in automatic driving technology, so we believe that strategic cooperation with NavInfo will accelerate implementation of automatic driving field in Chinese market. Leading the investment to HoloMatic is another important measure for NavInfo transferring to intelligent driving field in future. As one of enterprises being the first to conduct research and development of automatic driving system resolution and high-precision map application, continuous input and a series measures of NavInfo show its determination to build up smart car  brain, Since taking over AutoChips, NavInfo has formed the five-in-one arrangement of digital map+car networking+automatic driving+big data+chips”. Through cooperation with big data in capital field, NavInfo expects to bring new energy and consideration to innovation path. At present, automatic driving platform of HoloMatic has entered into stage of test of true car on road. HoloMatic is qualified in the total station development capacity not usually seen in the industry from car line control to sensor scheme, and from perception, orientation to policy control. Financing has completed and strategic partner relation has been established, then it’s up to the spark between Ni Kai and his perception and NavInfo.

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