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"NavInfo" Cup Mapping Skill Contest final is coming soon

From September 27 to September 28, 2017 and after more than four months of intense preparation and selection, the third "NavInfo" Cup Mapping Skill Contest final is entering into the final. Final of this contest will kick off in the ancient city of Xi"an, then the contestants will duke it out, and we will usher in an exciting competition.

"NavInfo" Cup Mapping Skill Contest is themed with "professionalism and focus, cooperation and innovation" and is designed to promote the innovation and development of domestic location applications and find out potential new location applications and innovative maps. So far, this has been the third contest. Since the first contest in 2015, Changzhou and Wuhan have successfully held one respectively. Staffs from NavInfo and students from Wuhan University, Chang"an University and Northwest University, Xi"an University of Science and Technology and other universities participated in the contest, and the total number of contestants reached more than 1,000. The original intention of the contest is to build a platform for staffs of the company to exchange professional knowledge and skills, carry on technical innovation by combining connectivity between production and practice to enhance the core competitiveness of production teams, and promote production through the contest to improve production efficiency and quality of products. Last year, the second contest went out of the enterprise and entered into Wuhan University and set up two topics of "mapping of navigation maps" and "innovative design of navigation maps", which has enriched contents of the contest and enhanced the school-enterprise cooperation, allowing students to have in-depth understanding of mapping skills of navigation maps to lay the foundation for their future employment and further study.

To promote the development of the location-based service industry by further developing new types of mapping applications, the third "NavInfo" Cup Mapping Skill Contest has attached great importance to innovative applications and has newly added map art rendering and the map design based on the location big data sharing cloud platform of Minedata. The contest continues the settings of two groups; however, it now faces more open and diversified groups. The topic of "mapping of navigation maps" is designed for internal staffs from the department of core map of NavInfo and students from Wuhan University, Chang"an University and Northwest University and Xi"an University of Science and Technology; in addition to the above-mentioned groups, groups that participate in the topic of "innovative design of navigation maps" also include staffs from various departments of cause and subsidiaries of Navinfo and other interested universities, enterprises, institutions, people in the industry, experts and amateurs. NavInfo hopes to hear more stories about the navigation electronic maps and see the unique world depicted by more people through the participation of more groups.

In addition to this, the third "NavInfo" Cup Mapping Skill Contest has also added the concept of delicacy, hoping to make map products" more complete, more fresh, more beautiful, more humane" through new vision and capabilities of the contestants, which is also the reflection of the guiding ideology of this contest, that is, moving hand in hand towards the new blueprint of competition with the unique insight of "mapping".

According to the rules of the contest, the topic of "mapping of navigation maps" requires to finish a refined navigation map product with distinctive features, strong applicability and services in a limited period through navigation map planning and design, product development, data production, result output and other aspects.

The main idea of the topic of "innovative design of navigation maps" is "Facing the future, and navigation maps can have infinite possibilities". Based on reference data of mif-formatted standard electronic navigation map data provided by NavInfo, contestants select any software to further carry out design and innovation and freely give full play to inspiration and talent to make their own personalized map works. A total of nine teams enter into the final in terms of the topic of "mapping of navigation maps".

A total of 163 people from 44 teams in terms of the topic of "innovative design of navigation maps" have passed the official review of the contest. The contents of their innovative works submitted by them involve tourism, health, medical treatment, housing, shopping, pets, interests and other aspects of life and their works are in the form of mobile applications, web pages, Demo and design schemes, truly reflecting the fact that creative ideas about maps are everywhere and the professional level of contestants. After preliminary review, eight teams make them to the final. At that time, the 17 teams will appear in the final of the third "NavInfo" Cup Mapping Skill Contest to display their own professionalism, focus, cooperation and innovation.

At present, this completion of the "NavInfo" Cup mapping contest arising from the company has been gradually open to the public, so that players have the opportunity to deeply contact the cutting-edge technology in the field of mapping of navigation maps and it has also become one of the important platforms that focus on seeking for and training talents, having provided a stage for excellent talents inside and outside the company to show their abilities and value.

In September of autumn, we will gather in Xi"an and expect that the exciting final will burst out dazzling lights in the field of mapping of navigation maps.

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