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Navinfo was awarded Benz Excellent Supplier "Innovation Leading Award"

 Navinfo is always engaged in product R&D of the automotive industry and service of automobile enterprises, with its constant innovation helps Beijing Benz to be a leader of the industry. Meanwhile, the products provided by Navinfo make Mercedes Benz cars more secure, reliable and intelligent. "Navinfo, a pronoun of innovator; Navinfo, Beijing Benz thanks you." These words were from the speech delivered by Susan (from Daimler Group) for Navinfo on the award ceremony of Supplier Meeting.

On July 27, 2017, Beijing Benz Supplier Meeting was held in Beijing Yanxi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center. At the meeting, Navinfo recalled the past achievements together with over 500 suppliers of Beijing Benz and Daimler from all over the world, further explored the current market environment and coping style, and was awarded 2016 "Innovation Leading Award" as an excellent supplier.

Take on an altogether new aspect and make innovation with strenuous efforts--the enterprise gene of Navinfo

As an independent map supplier ranking first and third in China and the world respectively, as well as a pioneer and leader of China"s navigation map and dynamic traffic information, Navinfo has never stopped its step of innovation on the path of traditional advantage field, regarding the focus on industry pain point and settlement of customer demands as the force driving company to go forward. The fire-new Fastmap map collection platform of Navinfo integrates data from various sources and then conducts online and real-time treatment. Furthermore, the freshness of map products is updated form quarter and month to day. And the update of technology and products of Navinfo is supported by faith of innovation to create value.

In recent years, based on chip capacity and base position data, Navinfo uses its own advantage to seek transformation. And through the combination of independent R&D and merger and acquisition, it puts forth effort on the development of technical products concerning telematics, position big data and automatic driving, occupies the domestic leading position, and moves on towards the strategic objective of creating future intelligent automobile brain. Innovation is the quality deeply into the bone marrow of Navinfo.

Innovation--a commitment to customer from Navinfo.

"The era gives the invitation to the pioneers who are challenging" On the Beijing Benz Supplier Meeting, Mr. Fang Mingbo, President and CEO of Beijing Benz, interpreted by an article named "Determined to Lead the Times" that under the current era, only being alert and resourceful, ready to change, continuous innovation and development will create more values and a new future jointly.

Seen from the cooperation between Navinfo and Daimler for more than ten years, from the simple road network information and POI data included in the original project, to ADAS data and advanced elements attribute added subsequently, then to innovation-type service incremental updating firstly pushed out by Navinfo in China, finally to high precision map data being evaluated by both sides, Navinfo and customers promote mutually and grow up together on the path of innovation, and enhance the experience of users by providing innovative high quality products and services.

Innovation--Navinfo" thinking about the future

On the Supplier Meeting, Beijing Benz put forward CASE strategy--Connectivity, Autonomous, Sharing, E-Driving. The above is the understanding of Benz as a traditional automobile plant to future automobile industry, which is much consistent with the judgement to the future by Navinfo.

Navinfo has accumulated rich data and resources in the high-tech fields of automobile association, automatic driving, etc. As early as 2012, Navinfo published ADAS (advanced driving assistant system) map data, and took the lead in commercial application of Benz high-end models; in 2014, Navinfo officially started the R&D of HAD map (high precision map) and set up Automatic Driving Business Department. Moreover, it shared and tested together with Benz and other automobile plant brands, and obtained positive feedback. Under the historical background of intelligent automobile industry, Navinfo took the lead again to provide solutions for industry customers focusing on innovation.

Navinfo"s insistence on innovation and products and service quality happened to hold the same view with the concept of "action leading to perfect" of Mercedes Benz, the mutual cooperation was gradually up to the highest level. The year of 2017 is the key year for Benz to be the leader of the era. In the meantime, 2017 is also a key year for the transformation of Navinfo towards future intelligent driving. Facing with revolution, the two sides will uphold the spirit of innovation, strengthen cooperation, arouse their all efforts to be prosperous, and move towards the leading road.

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