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NavInfo is the only provider in China to offer a unique navigable electronic map database which supports global specifications.

Information included in the 2009 NavInfo map data released in summer was further increased, with a mileage extending as far as 2.13 million kilometers and a 100% proved road networks covering inter-provincial and intercity ones, national and other highways around China in which all of them have been opened to traffic; The map data presents detailed information about 2,218 cities and counties where interrupted guides are provided; 6.9 million pieces of POI information are perfectly matched with road networks nationwide to meet needs like eating, drinking and entertainment in an all-round way.

The 2009 NavInfo map data released in summer is China’s first pedestrian navigation data in its kind which contains more pedestrian facility information such as bus transfer, underpass, pedestrian overpasses and crosswalk in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hang Kong indicating that the China navigation map has evolved from serving car drivers to pedestrian, so as to make the overall process management for trip possible, starting an era of China navigation map for pedestrian.